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Anji HongDe Medical Products Co., Ltd. is a professional medical dressing products manufacturer in China. Our primary products include bandage, elastic bandage, gauze bandage Plaster of Paris bandage (P.O.P bandage), elastic bandage, cotton bandage, tubular bandage (lustrous polypropylene bandage), gauze series, cast padding and plaster splints.HongDe plaster bandages and other products are strong, lightweight, breathable, easy to use, fast-hardening, comfortable, safe, eco-friendly, and easy to remove...
Hot Products
Cotton bandage
Guaze bandage
P.O.P bandage
Elastic bandage
Other Products
Tubular bandage
Confirming bandage (PBT),crepe
Cast padding-1
Plaster splint

Anji HongDe Medical Products Co., Ltd.

Add: Jingcun Village, Tianhuangping Town, Anji County, Zhejiang, 313302 China
Ph: +86 572 5121 999
Fax: +86 572 2994 728


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